Toddler: age 24 months – 3 Years

Since toddlers are committed to achieving independence, we provide responsive individual attention as your child deals with positive experiences as well as fun activities every day. Toddler learning is based on play and learning activities which make them remember basic things in this world. We focus on these key developmental areas:

  • Sensory and perceptual development
  • Self-help skills
  • Physical and motor skills
  • Social and emotional growth
  • Math Patterns

Program Goals

  • Foster exploration and independence while laying the foundation for future learning
  • Provide experiences that stimulate the senses and enrich the child’s vocabulary and understanding of language
  • Provide time for the child to repeat and master activities as long as it is productive
  • Give children the opportunity to learn, through the experiences, a sense of self esteem, self worth, and self confidence
  • Learn early mathematical concepts through touching, stacking, sorting, and handling objects